Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dinoscore: Sing Street (Movie)

I'm old. I grew up in the 80s, although I'll admit I was in that awkward part of the decade where I was a bit too young to be fully in the know for the early 80s music. I didn't have older siblings to help me catch on, so I locked in around when a-ha was really starting to take hold.

I had long school bus rides each day to our little school. Everyone rode the same bus from Kindergarten through 12th grade. So, a little kid like me could learn a lot from the big kids (which isn't always a good thing). But, some of the stuff I learned was about music. The kids would have their boom boxes and be playing the latest songs. My older cousin, Andy, would take the time to try to explain them to me. Then, Friday Night Videos came out. It was past my bedtime, but we had recently gotten a VCR so I was able to tape the show and really feel like a grown up. I didn't really know what to think about those videos, but Andy explained that I was trying to take the lyrics too literally. He explained a lot of stuff, but never could quite get me to understand the appeal of Tears for Fears.

My taste has ping ponged back and forth, sometimes daily, but tonight I saw a movie that brought back the excitement I used to have as a kid getting a new cassette or getting to visit a friend that had MTV (we didn't have cable out in the country!).

I love Irish movies and tonight was no exception. I got invited to a screening of Sing Street. It's set in 80s Dublin, where a group of school kids start a band to impress a girl and escape problems at home and at school. Sounds serious, I know. It did have a little bit of serious, but just enough for suspense, it wasn't one of those tear jerkers. Between the music and the laughs watching those teens, it was worth the serious moments and I really enjoyed the music!

I don't want to give it away, but I do seriously think you should give it a try:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

A little list of recent favorites: Sun Club, Judah Lee, Criminal Hygiene, The Ballroom Thieves

I was planning to do a post each month this year...but March just skipped right by me! Let's see what happens for April.

Honestly, I've been a little out of touch. I seem to never get around to listening to my iPod much and certainly don't get a lot of downloading done. I even let my Daytrotter subscription lapse for a bit, but I'm sure I'll get it going again before long.

I haven't been to any shows. I was going to go...I was even there at Golden Groves EP release party, but ended up leaving before the show started... not because of them, but because I was tired and my back hurt.

Maybe this summer. We'll see what happens. Middle of the Map Fest has some shows I'm interested in but not necessary at venues I'd prefer. I'm definitely not doing a full pass this year like last year.

So some recent "likes":

Sun Club - Beauty Meat

Judah Lee (w/ Sam Pinkerton) - I Do

You know I love Sam Pinkerton, so it's almost like it's cheating with this one.

The Ballroom Thieves - Archers

Criminal Hygiene - Pickman
Here's a different song, I couldn't find Pickman link

That's a pretty good list.... right? OK, see you around.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Recently Unearthed: DREAMERS - You Are Here EP

While I'm waiting for my iPod to sync, I'll just start typing. If I'm still awake when that's done, maybe I'll get to something of some interest.

I've been home for two days taking care of my mom who just had knee replacement surgery, so I'm a little stir crazy right now. I'm about 37 minutes from just sitting in the corner of my room and rocking back and forth. I cannot watch any more TV or play any more Candy Crush or Bloons. Sure, I could do something a bit more productive like listing all of my personal belongs on eBay, but let's not get crazy with productivity... I still have 3 days to go before I go back to work.

I've been horribly behind on updating my music stash. Today I got caught up on downloads from Golden Groves, Mat Shoare, and a bunch of stuff from Noisetrade (I usually go for samplers on there). So, I've got something like 200 songs syncing right now -- if they'll fit.

While it might be a bit early to give you any feedback on the newest downloads, I did grab
DREAMERS - Wolves recently from a Daytrotter session.

Actually, I like the EP, You Are Here, so much, I just stopped and bought it while I was writing this.

So, I think my computer might melt now, so this list is going to be less list and more of a mention of DREAMERS. Check it out.

I'll say goodbye for now.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016! Best of 2015.

I decided this summer I wanted to listen straight through to all the 10,000+ songs on my iPod. I got to about "P" before the play sequence got messed up and I never could get it to go quite back to the same sequence. However, I still feel like that was successful. It allowed me to delete a ton of stuff that honestly I hated and have no need to ever hear again. Although I sometimes want to name names, I typically try not to just for kindness sake, so I'm not going to dwell on the "losers". Now, in that same activity, I also found a lot of songs I really like, so for today's blog I decided to sort my list by songs I've uploaded to my iTunes in 2015 (doesn't mean the song was from 2015) and since uploading have given it a good score.

So here we go, sort of in order, sort of not. I'm going to give you some links, but some of them I've talked about before so might not go into huge detail about. Besides, you don't need me to tell you a bunch of stuff. Your ears will know.

I've put as many as I could in a YouTube Playlist for you.

Michelle Branch - Creep (Cover)
Lo-Fang - You're the One That I Want (Cover)
Both of these songs were featured on the CBS series, Stalker. The show didn't last long, but I loved the creepy covers they'd play at the end of each eposide.

The Lone Bellow - Then Came the Morning
The Lone Bellow - Cold As It Is
I really, just really love The Lone Bellow and all that Zach Williams does.

J. Roddy Walston and The Business - Boys Can Never Tell
I listen to a lot of music from these guys, but I particularly like this one.

Sam Pinkerton - You Never Will
I still just love Sam Pinkerton's music a ton. I've told you about her before, so I'm not going to repeat myself. If I'm trying to just relax and get some work done, she's singing to me on my buds.

Golden Groves - Remember
Their album will be out in February 2016. Yeah, I'm ready.

Current Swell - Ulysses
It took me about 2 seconds to know I was going to love this song. Songs like this are the very reason I've been trying so hard to be sure I listen to my entire hoard. I own some great songs and am missing out on them! I got this from a Nettwerk Fall Music Sampler, probably from Amazon. I'll definitely be downloading more tracks.

Mat Shoare - I Yi Yi
If nothing else, get his Daytrotter Session, but I just really enjoy his sound.

Criminal Hygiene - Pickman
This, along with several songs on this list came from the Spring Limited Fanfare Records sampler. The band is very new to me and not my usual sound, but I still like it and look forward to finding time to listen to them more.

*repeat repeat - Don't Want Anybody

Moving Pictures - What About Me
This is an olllld song, but sometimes I get it stuck in my head, so I downloaded it.

Josh Garrels - Decision
I own a lot of Josh Garrels music. I enjoy his voice. Not every song of his is for me, but I do like this one a lot.

Benjamin Booker - Wicked Waters
The label must have really be pushing this song because I own like 14 copies of it. I really like the song and it's one of those I have to listen to at least 3 times before I go on to the next song.

Ex Norwegian - First Time

First Aid Kit - Hard Believer

Ellen O'Meara - Weep Not for Me

Knox Hamilton - Work it Out
I am eagerly anticipating the new recordings they're working on right now.

The Ballroom Thieves - Archers

Austin Manuel - Hold On Tight

Butch Walker - Chrissie Hynde

Milo Greene - Lie To Me

Two Gallants - Invitation to the Funeral

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying

The Last Bison - Magic Carpet Ride (Cover)

I know there's some missing from this list, for a lot of different reasons. I have tons of excuses, some of which include, but are not limited to:

My new living situation and really, really busy work life has really made it difficult to keep blogging for numerous reasons. Since about 4th grade I've had what I call arthritis in my hands, I don't know if that's really what it is, but my hands hurt a lot when I write or type a lot or do things with my hands. Even though I have just a normal 40 hour job, that usually is really more like 45 hours or so a week and a lot of it is using my hands (typing and doing basic office work). Sometimes, by the time I get home, I really just sit around praying for my hands to fall off because I think it would be less painful if I laid my hand on the railroad tracks and let a train cut them off.

So, out of that is my dramatic way of saying that sometimes blogging physically hurts too much to do it. I've considered stuff like YouTube, but I'm just not into being in videos and it's a lot to figure out, honestly. Although I love my job so much, I do enough reading and figuring stuff out all day, I don't need to add that to my life either.

I try to keep my iPod close by and listen, but I haven't been good about staying on top of downloads. My iPod is mostly full. Sometimes I think it hates me. Maybe I need a newer one? But, I don't know.

Really, this isn't about excuses, but just know that a lot of times there are things I want to blog but just don't have time or energy to do it. I try to do some Instagram stuff in between, although I'll admit it even slacks off when it's super busy.

Before I sign off, I wanna give a shout to The Shameless Pursuit, a KC band that was kind enough to check out my blog recently and send me a message, which encouraged me to get something new posted. I haven't seen them live yet, but a chance is coming up January 10 at the Riot Room.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Welcome to the Dino-Store and Let's Talk about some Kansas City Live Music

Before you jump to any conclusions... no I'm not trying to make money off of you (well, not much). I added an Amazon Store (scroll to the bottom) to my blog with the main goal of making it a handy way to shop for items and music that have found their way into my life in a positive way.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and sometimes find it frustrating to try to find the item being talked about on a certain video...it'd be much easier if there was just a link to that EXACT item so I'd know I was getting the same thing.

So, the store is there for you, if you want to use it. It'll help me out a little, but it won't hurt my feelings if you don't shop out of my store. I'm not going to heap it full of stuff, so if something isn't there, it doesn't mean I hate it or anything.

What else has been going on lately? Not as much as I'd like. My new living arrangements have toned down my night life quite a bit, though I do have a healthy list of shows I'd like to attend over the next couple of months. Realistically, I'll be lucky to make it to 2 or 3 of the shows I have on my "I wanna" list. 

I do have tickets to IAMDYNAMITE for later in August. I've enjoyed their music for several years now. I have a ticket to G-Love, but it falls on the same night as Water Liars, so I'm not sure who is going to win that battle.

Mat Shoare has a few shows coming up, which all fall at kind of not great times for me, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Kodaline is coming in October. They're at Power & Light so I'm going to try to make that work, though it's not my favorite venue.

Dawes is back in town, but they're never here at a time I can make it to a show. Natural Child will be here in September, which should be fun.

October brings William Fitzsimmons. I listen to him a lot, but haven't really kept up with newer releases.

Martin Sexton will be here in November. I've seen him perform live before and enjoyed it, so I might swing by for another try.

What have I been doing with my time? Well, I spend a lot of time listening to music still, I just never get around to telling you about it. I've been to several shows in the last months, but not as many. I've been staying active with Yelp events too.

I sold my condo and am renting now. I've actually been doing some decorating, which is something I didn't do much of before. My Insta Hang (see the store!) has been a miracle with hanging pictures, etc. If they'd spent a little extra on manufacturing quality, that thing would be a miracle product. As it is, it's a little rinky dink, but I still use it a ton. I've already bought refills for it!

RedditGifts is a ton of fun for me. If you haven't done it before, give it a shot! I'm more in to the gifting than the receiving a gift for some reason. I think it's because I usually find a way to make some little craft project to go with the gift and that's fun for me.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram. I've found that's a good place to give frequent updates and use it more than other Social Media platforms.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Has Baby Dinosaur gone extinct?

No, but. . .

I've found that my time to sit down and write blog posts is at a deficit.

I do seem to have time for Instagram. Follow me there for updates about music, life, and my cat. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 in Review: Monthly favorites

This might not be scientific, but I'm going to give it a shot. The plan hit me last night as I was crawling into bed: I'll sort my iTunes by "Date Added" then look at the entries month by month to see what floats to the top. I've got new neighbors moving in today (which means hours of footsteps running up and down the stairs) so this will work nicely to drown out the noise.

The skepticism about being scientific comes from the fact that, just because I add a track in a certain month, it doesn't mean the song was released then, so keep that in mind. Plus, sometimes I forget to turn off my iPod, so getting a lot of plays isn't always a sign of liking a song/band; it might be utter coincidence.


Fun. - Some Nights

...from the EP, Before Shane Went to Bangkok: Fun. Live in the USA. You might check their site; it had been a free download. Not sure if it's still available.


The Districts - Rocking Chair

They have a new album coming out in February 2015 and also are scheduled to be in Kansas City that same month. Mark your calendars!


Water Liars - Tolling Bells

My copy is from a Daytrotter session. You know how I am addicted to Daytrotter. In fact, I just renewed my annual subscription and saved 50% (so that's $16) and now I can download all I want for another year. Daytrotter is a great source of music and I can't praise them enough. (In December 2014, subscribe and save 50%: Use promo code CHEER1YR and get half off a 1-yr membership. See their website for details.)

Tied for March is:

Kodaline - All I Want


Manchester Orchestra - After the Scripture

I adore this song. I can't say anything more.


Tim Fite - all of it.

In all honesty, the whole month of May should pretty much be dedicated to finding Tim Fite. The thing is, I now own about 4 bazillion Tim Fite songs, so the numbers get spread a little thin if I only look at plays, so it's hard to pick one song in particular.


I definitely have days when I need something a little heavier in my life. I guess that's how I was feeling in June!

PUP - Reservoir

They have free downloads of this song available on Bandcamp.

The Menzingers - The Talk


Bootstraps - Fourty five

In July, Daytrotter released a Bootstraps session, so although I did officially really like them before July and owned some of their music, I'm going to count them for July. We had company in town this month, so I didn't have much chance for music exploration this month!


Vampire Weekend - M79

Vampire Weekend has been around for a while and I've been listening to them here and there, but this year they hit me a little harder with Step. I love the song. Consequently, I realized they had a Daytrotter session that I hadn't downloaded, which is why M 79 is one of this month's winner.

Thad Kopec - Albatross

Albatross doesn't have a video I can share, but here's a link so you can listen. I've told you -- probably more than once -- about how much I enjoy listening to his music.

The Griswolds - Red Tuxedo

What a fun song!


Sara Swenson - Darling Dear

Sara Swenson came home this year after about a year in the UK; new husband in tow. I prefer Sara's music live, but since I can't really have her follow me around and sing me songs all day, I do have to resort to listening to her recorded music -- which I do frequently.

Darling Dear is from her new album, Runway Lights. It's a great chapter in her story. There's not a video for the song, so you can watch this one instead.


The Paragraphs - Turns to Dust

I know, I know, I've already told you about Lost Ark Studio and The Paragraphs, but fair is fair, They won October. Check NoiseTrade and the band's Bandcamp page to get some cheap/free downloads of their music.

Bear's Den - Agape

This song is so emotional and beautiful and I have to just freeze in place when it comes on and listen to every single word.


The Lonely Hunter - Lost and Found

I couldn't find a video for this song, but I really like it. You can get a sampler album from NoiseTrade that has the song and many others to help support The Orphan Care Network.


Thrift - Mockingbird

December is easy, I didn't even have to look to know that it was Thrift. I'm crazy about Thrift lately and listen to their album every day. My thanks goes to Instagram for helping me cross paths with this music!

There were certainly many more great bands, songs, and live shows this year, so those who are not mentioned shouldn't feel slighted! Unless you suck, then yes, you should feel slighted. Very, very slighted.